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Rosie C. Fitness is all about community and building a fantastic fitness family….so much so that your coaches are family too!
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Our Story

Hi, I'm Rosie! I'm a mum of two striving to help women feel empowered, confident and the best version of themselves!

Having gone through a weight loss journey myself, I know what it’s like! You name it…I tried it – Slim fast, no carbs, 5:2. I was forever starting again on Monday and getting nowhere!

Overhauling my lifestyle and realising that you don’t have to be a cardio bunny eating dust to get results has made me totally obsessed with helping other women to do the same!

You CAN be mum and feel great!

You CAN be a busy working woman and get results!

It’s all about finding the right and SUSTAINABLE balance for you and that’s where we come in to help!

rosie c fitness

We are so passionate about what we do here at Rosie C. Fitness, the lifestyle we create, the community we build, the results we get and the sheer energy we bring out of people!

Kath, online fitness coach with Rosie C Fitness
Our Story

Meet Kath…my sister-in-law

She is an avid open water swimmer competing in various swims across the globe! Having just completed swim from St Nevis to St Kitts in the Caribbean!

She also runs popular group fitness classes focusing on strength and mobility alongside crushing her own training in the gym!…she know’s her stuff!

She has worked in the busy corporate world, so knows what it is like trying to get results whilst being pulled in multiple directions!

She is extremely empathic, friendly and strives to get the best possible results for her clients.

Having coached many women to success, Kath is excellent at understanding your individual needs as a client and provides all the knowledge in both nutrition and fitness combined with the accountability you need to get results!

Our Story

Meet Laura! ...she totally understands how hectic life can get navigating work, PT and mum to 2 year old Felix

From all the way in Dorset you will find her out in the countryside with the dog and family in tow!

She loves cooking for people and getting her creative juices flowing with new recipes and ideas. She understands balancing the joy of food and health can be tricky. She’s also big nerd about the science of food too!

Laura lives by the principle of balance. Her mission as a coach is to help you get results whilst still enjoying your life. She prides herself on empathy, kindness, practicality, sound knowledge, honesty and of course, fun.

Specialising in pre and post natal fitness and nutrition as well as back pain management …she is a coach that knows her stuff!

Laura, online fitness coach.
Coach Tori
Our Story

Meet Tori..passionate and driven personal trainer and mum of 3 gorgeous kids!

Tori loves helping other women fulfil their potential and feel their ABSOLUTE BEST without having to sacrifice family life!

She understands the daily juggle and is a queen for family friendly, nutritious meals and workouts to fit in at home.

She is here to help you to navigate life, build healthy habits and find a plan that fits in with you!

Ready to start your journey?

Want to FINALLY get the results you have always wanted whilst enjoying LIFE?

Book a free call to find out how we can help.

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